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Updated: Mar 13

Key Points:

  1. We only pick healthy recipes from reliable sources. Health Canada recipes should be the most reliable sources. You may find many recipes on the Internet claiming to be healthy but in fact rather unhealthy.

  2. Even though the recipes from Health Canada are reliable and healthy, but we still need to pick the best recipes that are also delicious, easier, faster and inexpensive. In order to do that, we have prepared and tasted all the recipes by ourselves.

Here is a list of our recommended healthy recipes from Health Canada that with a very good taste, good for a family of 4 persons, and kids also love it. You can just pick any one combination of the recipes (in order or randomly), which can be your perfect meal plan for the day.

Note: Those recipes are a good fit for 6 days' meal plan for a family of 4 persons. For day 7, you can just use the best pick of the week.


Berry brunch bake (Breakfast) (

Apple pie breakfast bowl (Breakfast) (

Strawberry pancakes (Breakfast) (


Fun fruit salad (Snack) (

Creamy smoothie (Snack) (

Fruit kebabs with maple cinnamon yogurt dip (Snack) (

Breakfast/Snack: can be used for both breakfast and snacks

Blueberry cornmeal muffins (Breakfast/Snack) (

Marvellous muffins (Breakfast/Snack) (

Flourless yogurt blender muffins (Breakfast/Snack) (

Lunch: 10 minutes

Turkey and veggie stuffed pita (Lunch) (

Lunch/Dinner: 10 minutes to 30 minutes

Easy peasy fish tacos (Lunch/Dinner) (

Shepherd’s pie (Lunch/Dinner) (

Fish and fresh herb veggie packets (Lunch/Dinner) (

Honey grilled salmon and asparagus (Lunch/Dinner) (

Greek-style chicken sandwiches (Lunch/Dinner) (

Fun flatbread pizza (Lunch/Dinner) (

Dinner: 30 minutes to 40 minutes

Mac and cheese with a veggie twist (Dinner) (

Beef and bean burger (Dinner) (

Vietnamese inspired beef noodle soup (Dinner) (

Mediterranean tomato and ricotta pasta (Dinner) (

Hearty chicken noodle soup (Dinner) (

Here is a list of our recommended healthy recipes from Health Canada that with a very good taste, but you need to make adjustments for a family of 4 persons:

Breakfast: The recipe is just for one person, but you can make more copies.

Good morning egg roll-up (Breakfast) (

Lunch: The recipes are good for two persons, so they can be good for packed lunch for work.

Lunch box tuna salad wrap (Lunch) (

Terrific tuna and tomato salad (Lunch) (

Open face egg salad sandwiches (Lunch) (

Lunch/Dinner: You need to make some adjustments for 4 persons.

West coast snapper burritos (Lunch/Dinner) (

Cantaloupe and bocconcini cheese salad (Lunch/Dinner) (

Cheesy broccoli toast (Lunch/Dinner) (

Dinner: 40 minutes to 50 minutes. Take longer time and not quite fit for 4 persons.

Mighty minestrone soup (Dinner) (

Lentil bolognese (Dinner) (

Chicken and spring vegetable soup (Dinner) (

All: versatile recipes that can be used for breakfast, snacks, lunch, or dinner.

Carrot potato pancakes (All) (

Here is a list of other healthy recipes:


French toast sticks with pineapple orange topping (Breakfast) (

Classic poached eggs (Breakfast) (

Classic overnight oats (Breakfast) (


Apple berry crisp (Snack) (

Crispy chickpeas (Snack) (

Fruit and yogurt granola parfaits (Snack) (

Savoury pear and cheese scones (Snack) (


Tofu and berry sheet tart (Breakfast/Snack) (

Savoury broccoli and cheese muffins (Breakfast/Snack) (


Crowd-pleasing chickpea and carrot salad (Lunch) (


Chicken fried rice (Lunch/Dinner) (

Mujadarrah (lentils, onions and rice) (Lunch/Dinner) (

Tofu and vegetable stir fry (Lunch/Dinner) (

The ultimate mixed bean salad (Lunch/Dinner) (

Pork and apple skillet dinner (Lunch/Dinner) (

Curried chickpea salad (Lunch/Dinner) (

Greek style couscous and egg wrap (Lunch/Dinner) (

Coleslaw (Lunch/Dinner) (


Quinoa and veggie casserole (Dinner) (

Tempeh nuggets (Dinner) (

Colourful quinoa salad (Dinner) (

Red lentil and mushroom soup (Dinner) (

Grilled flank steak with BBQ veggies (Dinner) (

Tofu banh mi rice bowl (Dinner) (

Eggplant lentil curry (Dinner) (

We also collect some additional healthy recipes from other reliable food websites.

We have collected some good healthy recipes from recipe database as well.

You are welcome to share your own healthy recipes in our forum.

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