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General guidelines for solution partners

Updated: May 14, 2023

Solution partners are an integrated part of the Blue Eden Project, but should be the last resort for your questions and issues in life.

Our Tree of Life or personalized Tree of Life can provide all the information and knowledge that you need totally for free. If you can use those standard solutions to solve your issues, that would be the best case scenario.

If you can't find the answers you need, or you have more specific situations, you can also ask questions in our specific forums supported by our research team totally for free. Since we need to do some research, we may not respond to your questions immediately. So those issues should not be urgent.

When the situation is complicated, or you need the real products and services, that is when we can connect you with our solution partners. We only connect with the best solution partners with high quality of products and services with reasonable price. Sometimes, it can be free based on your income if our partners are non-profit organizations. Basically, we can help you find the best choice for you, which could save you lots of time and money.

Here is an example of how it works. Assume you want find some healthy recipes to make food by yourselves, you can visit our Tree of Life to locate the recipe page. If you want to know if your current recipes are healthy or not, you may visit our specific post to ask your questions. If you have underlying health conditions, you can connect with our registered dietitian partners for consultation. If you don't have time to make food, you can connect with our healthy food delivery partners for fast food.

We have stringent criteria for our solution partners. All solution partners have the same high quality, so you can pick any one of them for your solutions.

We primarily include 2 types of solution partners: small business partners and partners for better life.

For small businesses or start-ups, we can cover all the important areas: coaching, idea verification, business planning, funding, hiring, marketing, operation, etc.

For better life, we can cover many different aspects of life:

  1. Coaching: life coach, diet coach, fitness coach, mental health coach, happiness coach, relationship coach, parenting coach, education coach, career coach, financial coach, retirement coach, travel coach, etc.

  2. Tutors: math tutor, science tutor, computer tutor, arts tutor, sports tutor, yoga tutor, lifelong learning tutor, etc.

  3. Healthy food delivery.

  4. Interior design, furniture, and home decoration.

  5. Telehealth services.

  6. Streaming services.

  7. Second-hand board games.

  8. Other products and services.

Check our current solution partners.

We will continuously add new solution partners based on requirements and capacities.

We are dedicated to help you achieve a healthy, financial worry-free, wise and happy life.

Blue Eden Project, achieve a better life and build a better world!

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