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Our wealth solution partners

Updated: Aug 29

The value chain of wealth is starting from education, then career development, and after that, the personal finance including retirement. Since those areas are related to your future financial independence, you may need to spend some money here in order to earn more money.

Education primarily includes education planning and the actual learning in schools and universities.

For education planning (for yourself or your children), you can check our Tree of Life for secondary school, college and university planning information. If you need more specific helps, you can connect with our education coach (planning) partners.


For better learning, you can check our Tree of Life for some helpful learning materials and learning tips for math, science, or any major or field of study. If you need more helps for better performance, you can connect with our math tutor, science tutor, and other learning partners.

Khan Academy

Online learning platform for students age 2-18. Provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere.

Testing Mom

Provide practice tests for various important tests, including CogAT, CCAT, ISEE, WISC, etc. Primarily in U.S. and Canada.


Connect people with professional tutors, teaching academic lessons, arts & crafts lessons, language classes, occupational lessons, performance arts lessons, and recreational lessons, etc.

Career development primarily includes finding jobs and career planning. You can check the Tree of Life for some useful information about finding jobs and career development. You can also connect with our career coach or resume writing partners for further helps.

Joe Frankie

I coach civil and military leaders on how to build a LinkedIn bridge from where they are to where they want to go.

Joe Career Coach Forum

Personal finance primarily includes personal financial planning, investments, and retirement planning. You can check the Tree of Life for some useful information about financial independence evaluation, personal financial planning and investment. If you need more advices and helps, you can connect with our financial coach (financial advisor, financial planner) and retirement coach partners.

Connor Tyson

Empowering you to take charge of your money. I help my clients achieve financial peace of mind and teach them how to win with money.

Connor Financial Coach Forum

In conclusion, we can include all the solution partners covering all the important aspects of building and maintaining wealth. We can help you achieve a financial worry-free life.

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