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Merishka - Wellbeing Coach and Yoga Tutor

Merishka is a holistic family consultant & educator, a social anthropologist and social science researcher in wellbeing studies as well as a lover of yoga and wisdom.

There is plenty of scientific research on the wellness benefits of yoga and breathwork. At the level of the body, we use yoga and its tools in a non-religious way to bring awareness within; starting the process of healing, engendering feelings of safety and peace and creating a healthy relationship with self.

Holistic Family Consulting & Education: Based on brain science and human development, as well as non-religious eastern philosophy, the Well-Beings Initiative supports individuals, parents, and families by facilitating healing, harmony and connection in personal and interpersonal relationships. Don't just survive, learn how to break negative thought patterns and cycles and thrive!

Healing Story Circles and Workshops: Find out more about virtual healing story circles and workshops for self-development and healing. "This is a space to be seen, heard without judgement. Here you are whole, just as you are. Here you are not something to be fixed."

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