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Tree of Life (best solutions for life)

Updated: Aug 29

Everybody deserves to have a healthy, financially worry-free, wise and happy life.

We are dedicated to help you achieve a better life. If all people have a better life, the world will become a better world as well.

One issue with the Internet is that there are too much unorganized information. People don't have a logical and systematic way to identify all the potential issues and know about all the important information about life and the world.

Unorganized or random information and knowledge cannot generate any meaningful results or actions. Probably most people cannot remember 99% of the information they found on the Internet.

The best way to produce any positive changes to our life and the world is to organize ideas, and see the big picture.

The purpose of the "Tree of Life" is to organize all the important information and knowledge, and help you find all the information and solution you need in a most efficient and effective way.

The Tree of Life can help you achieve a well balanced life.

We have created a Youtube channel to present the best knowledge from the Tree of Life, and it is much easier to understand all the important concepts and applications.

Blue Eden Project Youtube Channel

If you are not familiar with a tree structure, you may read our article about "How to best use our 'Tree of Life' to achieve a better life?"

If you have some specific questions or issues about life, you can submit your problem to us, or you can send an email to us: If you would like to contribute a new or better solution, you can submit your solution to us for a reward.

If you don't have much time and need a more personalized solution, you can check our customized solution just for you:

You personalized solution for a better life (

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Connect with our best solution partners.

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What arts to enjoy for fun?

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