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All you need to know about Blue Eden Project

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

According to the Holy Bible, Eden is where people come from, and is the best place ever. We want to make our Earth, a Blue planet and the only place for life, to become Blue Eden again.

Here is an AI generated illustration of Blue Eden Project.

We also create a Youtube Channel to best explain all the important concepts and knowledge.

Blue Eden is the future of our Earth. That is the mission of the Blue Eden Project.

The purpose of the project: Better Life and Better World.

The vision of the project: The Final Stage of the Project.

Our methodology about How to Build a Better World.

The structure of the project: The Structure of Blue Eden Project

Why are we unique: We provide an integrated solution for a better life, not just answering some questions or finding some fragmented information on popular search engines and platforms. We also build the best online community focusing on better life and better world.

The method of the project: Build a "Tree of Life", and integrate the best information, knowledge, products and services to answer all the questions about life and solve all the issues in life. We also provide more "Personalized Tree of Life" solution for each individual.

How to find all the issues and best solutions: All members can submit issues and solutions. Better solutions will replace the old solutions.

What the best solutions look like: We only include the most practical and easy-to-understand solutions. Each solution will have a Key-Points section, which have summarized all the important considerations and information.

How can you contribute to the project: Join as members, share great ideas, invite all your friends to join the project.

There are about 8 billion people in the world. If only one person in a thousand have a great idea, that would be 8 million great ideas. An integration of those great ideas will definitely change the world and make the world a better place.

Let's work together to achieve a better life and build a better world!

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1 Comment

Emma johnson
Emma johnson
Dec 26, 2022

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