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Tree of Life Video Solutions

Updated: Mar 16

Most people would like to watch videos instead of reading.

We have integrated all the best information and knowledge from the Tree of Life to make a Youtube channel.

Here we will explain all the concepts and knowledge in the simplest way, so that everybody can easily understand how to achieve a healthy, financially worry-free, wise and happy life.

If all people achieve a better life, the world will become a better world as well.

You can subscribe to our channel to receive notifications whenever we post valuable content that will help you achieve a better life.

We will make series of videos to best present the Tree of Life solutions.

Check our most recent playlists:

Mastering Life: This playlist includes all the videos mentioned in the book "Mastering Life: A Guide to Health, Financial Freedom, Wisdom, and Happiness". We have included all the best videos in this playlist. If you don’t have much time, we recommend that you watch all the videos here with the book.

Super Learning for Everyone: We have gathered all the best tricks and techniques that can help you learn any subjects in the easiest and fastest way.

The first playlist is about investment and psychology, which are the two most important skills that you can’t learn from schools. Investment skills are the foundation of your wealth aspect of life, while psychology helps to improve your health, wisdom and fun aspects of life.

The second playlist is about science and computer coding. Everybody should learn some science and coding, which can help expand your vision, improve your thinking, and both are very useful to improve your life.

The third playlist is about language and soft skills. Soft skills are the foundation of your successful career and better life, but has not been taught in schools. Language is the basis for some key soft skills, like communication and leadership.

The fourth playlist is about math and competition. Math is the most versatile tool that you can use in many aspects of life. Good math skills can also pave the way to good career development, higher salaries, and investment success. Competition is the best way to understand and apply math skills, and also improve your logical thinking. Although, this playlist is primarily targeting students, everyone can benefit from learning math.

The fifth playlist is about arts and sports. Arts and sports are both fun and improve life experiences. Everybody should learn some arts and sports, which can make life much more interesting.

The sixth playlist is about all the other subjects that are related to your life. There are so many subjects and fields of study that you can learn from universities, but we only introduce those that are beneficial to improve your life.

Here are the old playlists:

The first series of videos will answer the following questions and will briefly explain all the important concepts about a better life.

What are some of the key concepts to live a healthy, financially worry-free, wise and happy life?

The second series of videos will explain in details about how to best utilize the top 10 activities for a balanced life.

The third series of videos will focus on affordable high quality life. We will present the best strategy and lifestyle that requires the minimum money to maintain a high-quality life.

The fourth series of videos will focus on building wealth and achieving financial freedom. We will explain all the best ways to accumulate wealth, which can help you achieve financial freedom much earlier.

The fifth series of videos will focus on achieving the ultimate happiness. We can explore all that you need to know to achieve the ultimate happiness. We can help you achieve a happy, satisfying, and purposeful life.

The sixth series of videos will share all the top secrets and perspectives about a better life. Those are unique views and great ideas that you can only find in our YouTube channel. Most of the videos will discuss about the future of our life, reveal secret theories that you may never heard of, or share great ideas that are critical for a better life.

In the future, we will constantly post the best information and knowledge in our Youtube channel about how to live a better life.

Join Blue Eden Project, achieve a better life and build a better world!

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