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1. What is Blue Eden Project?

The purpose of the Blue Eden Project is to help people find the best information for a better life, answer all questions and solve all issues in life. It will provide a knowledge and information platform and community to all people in the world for a better life and better world. All the knowledge, information, and services about important components in life, including health, wealth, wisdom and fun, are provided for free. It will gather information from various sources by professional researchers and scientists with easily understandable solutions as output. All members can solve their issues in life for free, and can also share their best solutions and great ideas for a reward. Great ideas and best solutions will be researched and verified by professionals, and confirmed and voted by members.  

Join Blue Eden Project today, you can change the world and make the world a better place!

Tell all your family and friends about the Blue Eden Project. The more people know about the project, the more people can benefit from the project.

2. What is Contribution Point?

Contribution point is an important reward system for building our solutions, so that we can help more people. When a member submit best solutions or great ideas, if it is verified and recommended by our research team, 10 to 100 contribution points can be awarded. In phase one, all contribution points will be recorded for each member. In phase two, all contribution points can be converted to Eden Coin, which is a community currency based on special funding from the project. Members can trade Eden Coins on the exchange, or buy goods or services from inside or outside the project. Members can continuously make contribution points and convert to Eden Coins in phase two. The base conversion rate is 10 contribution points to 450 USD at the begin of the phase 2. But the market price could be much higher.

In order to encourage members to submit articles, we are now presenting a bonus reward. Whenever a member gets additional 100 Contribution Points, we can award additional 100 USD. You can send an email to us requesting for the money deposited to your Paypal account.


3.What is Eden Coin?

Eden Coin is a community currency that will be introduced to the Blue Eden project in phase two. It is pegged to US dollars based on special funding from Blue Eden project. The special fund will be professionally managed with rate of return at least pegged to S&P 500 index return. Eden Coins can be traded on the exchange with the value of 1 USD for 1 Eden Coin initially, and with adjustment per inflation and project revenue each year


4.What can I do here?

Our "Tree of Life" will provide all the best and important information about life that you need. All visitors can find the answers and solutions for their life for free.  

As a member, you can also do the following:

I have a issue in life: You can ask a question in our specific forums about life under the topics of health, wealth, wisdom and fun. Our research team will look at all the issues that are currently without a solution. All members can submit solutions to help you if they are familiar with the issues. 


I have a great idea: If you have a best solution for a problem or great idea, you can submit it to our specific forums under the topics of health, wealth, wisdom and fun. All members can review your ideas and up-vote based on their knowledge and experiences. Our research team will look at all the solutions or ideas prioritized by members’ voting. Recommended contents will be posted on the specific areas on the website, and you will be awarded 10 to 100 contribution points based on your submissions’ usefulness and popularity. We will add new contents to our Tree of Life based on new submissions.

As a member, you can also share ideas about better life with other members, but you have to follow the rules posted in each forum. We want to build a community that can share best ideas about how to make a better life and better world.  

Final words: welcome to our project and let's make the world become Blue Eden! 

You may contact us by email: info@blueeden-project.com


Important Notice: If you would like to sign up as a member, you can sign up with Facebook or Google account. If you prefer to use email for the sign up, the confirmation email may show up in the spam email box.