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Snap Kitchen brand review (US)

Snap Kitchen is a good quality healthy meal delivery service. All of the meals are perfectly portioned, delicious, and gluten-free. All of the food contains zero preservatives, antibiotics, artificial sweeteners, hormones, or other junk.

They have 2 packages: 6 meals a week and 12 meals a week. You can save 18% when you select 12 meals per week.

They have a Snap Pass program, which is a FREE membership. Members enjoy 1:1 chats with their Registered Dietitian, regular freebies, and special events and chef tastings.

All the meals are come fully-prepared, so there is no prep - simply heat and eat.

The ordering process is easy, just click “Get Started” and type your Zip code, select the meal package and delivery date. Then, you can pick meals by using the filters on the left, such as “Moderate Sodium” and “Sodium Conscious”. You can also exclude the food that you can’t eat. The meals are ready to go.

Shipping is free for the direct ship weekly meal subscriptions. All your meals are delivered on the day you choose.

Generally speaking, people without underlying health conditions can try to use Snap Kitchen's healthy meal delivery services and enjoy their free Snap Pass membership.

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