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Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon brand review (US)

Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon is a good quality meal kit delivery service. They deliver pre-portioned ingredients for Martha's most delicious recipes directly to your door. This helps to save time for grocery purchase and is less expensive than prepared meals. It takes some time to cook by following their instructions, but it tastes more fresh than prepared meals.

For most recipes, you need to use your own salt and sugar, which makes low-salt and low-sugar possible. They also have some tags for the recipes, you may pick the meals with tags like "Low-Calorie", "Healthy", or "Nutritious". Also, they have many "Kid Friendly" meal as well.

The ordering process is easy, just select a meal plan and pick the meals from over 100+ recipes on the weekly menus. The meals are ready to go.

Shipping is always $11.99. The first available delivery date will typically be between 1-2 weeks of your sign-up date.

Generally speaking, people without underlying health conditions can try to use Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon's meal kit delivery services for preparing healthy meals by yourself and enjoying the fun for cooking.

You can save up to $190 off 4 orders (64.4% off on your first order).

Click the button below to order.

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