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Looking at fantasy art for lots of fun

According to Wikipedia, "Fantastic art is a broad and loosely defined art genre. It is not restricted to a specific school of artists, geographical location or historical period. It can be characterised by subject matter – which portrays non-realistic, mystical, mythical or folkloric subjects or events – and style, which is representational and naturalistic, rather than abstract – or in the case of magazine illustrations and similar, in the style of graphic novel art such as manga."

"Fantasy has been an integral part of art since its beginnings, but has been particularly important in mannerism, magic realist painting, romantic art, symbolism, surrealism and lowbrow. In French, the genre is called le fantastique, in English it is sometimes referred to as visionary art, grotesque art or mannerist art. It has had a deep and circular interaction with fantasy literature."

"Fantastic art has traditionally been largely confined to painting and illustration, but since the 1970s has increasingly been found also in photography. Fantastic art explores fantasy, imagination, the dream state, the grotesque, visions and the uncanny, as well as so-called "Goth" and "Dark" art."

Fantasy or fantastic art is a very special art genre, which could bring lots of fun to people. It creates lots of spaces for imagination or looking into the future, and could bring brand-new and stunning experiences.

There are lots of fantasy artists. Here is a list of some of the best artists with their websites. You can download the best artworks for your computer wallpaper and screensaver, so that you can enjoy the fantasy art anytime you like.

Here is a website collecting some of the best fantasy art:

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