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Important things for new immigrants

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Key Points:

  1. Immigration to a new country can be a challenge. There will be lots of changes and it will be a totally different environment. So, it's one of the critical life events.

  2. Usually, the new country for immigrants will provide most related services for free in order to help new immigrants accustomed to the new environment. But there could be some missing parts as well. We will try to include all the critical information for a successful immigration.

Firstly, there are lots of things that can be done before immigration. A good planning is always important for a critical life event like this.

There will be an official website from the government to provide related information and services. For example, the Government of Canada has provided a website to help immigrants before their arrival:

1. Get education, work experience and credentials recognized in Canada;

2. Connect with employers to find a job;

3. Connect with free services after arrival.

There are more things that you can do before arrival:

1. Connect with the people that you are familiar with. It can be your relatives, friends, or previous colleagues. It is best that you already know somebody who is living close to your arrival.

2. Find a temporary housing. You may need to do some researches about the community. You need a place that is convenient for traffic, shopping and grocery, and with safe environment.

3. Prepare for enough money to live for at least one year without any income.

4. Some banks may provide some services to help you open a bank account offshore, which will be very convenient for your arrival.

5. Do as much researches as possible, so that you can be better familiar with the new environment. But reading and experiencing are quite different things. You will have enough time to experience the new environment by yourself.

After your arrival, there will be an official website from the government to provide related information and services. For example, the Government of Canada has provided a website to help new immigrants after their arrival:

The most important things to do include the following. For different people, they may have some difficulties with specific items.

1. Financial security: This could be the most important thing. If you can't find stable income source, it's very difficult to live the life that you want for immigration.

2. Job markets can be difficult for new immigrants without local working experiences. Many people need to take some training or education in the new country in order to find better opportunities for a good career development. If the new country speaks a language that is not your native language, that can be a big challenge as well. After the pandemic, there are lots of remote works available for skilled workers from all over the world, that could provide reliable and consistent income.

3. Housing: Finding a good and convenient place to live is the next important thing. A temporary housing is usually not your best choice. Depending on your needs, you may need to be close to a good school for your children's education, or close to your work or public traffic, or close to your cultural community, etc.

4. Joining a cultural community: There could be some existing communities built by the people from your original country and culture. Finding and joining such a community can help answer questions, solve issues, and provide networking opportunities. This is important because you will never feel lonely and helpless, and will have more confidence to live in the new country.

5. Settlement: There are lots of other things to do for settlement, but those are usually not urgent. You may take your time to do the following tasks:

1) Get the necessary cards ready: ID, Driver's license, bank debit and credit card, library card, etc.

2) Get mobile and Internet services;

3) Shopping for food and necessities;

4) Find a family doctor;

5) Familiar with local systems, such as education, health care, tax, pension, etc.

In conclusion, from a new immigrant's perspective, there are lots of new things to do for living in a new country. This could be one of the most critical life event during a lifetime.

Check ChatGPT's answer for more information.

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