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How to best use our "Tree of Life" to achieve a better life?

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Everybody deserves to have a healthy, financial worry-free, wise and happy life. So the root of the "Tree of Life" is "How to live a balanced life", which is the best way to balance these four critical areas for a better life.

However, there could be many potential or actual issues in our life.

There are too much redundant, outdated and misleading information on the Internet. It's very difficult to find the most accurate information and the best solutions on the Internet that can truly help you solve your problems, and it could cost you a lot of money.

Our "Tree of Life" can provide a one-stop solution for all your questions and issues in life, totally for free!

The most common issues people frequently have include:

  1. How to keep good health? (Health issues could cost you lots of money)

  2. What are the most healthy, easy, fast and inexpensive recipes? (Eating healthy food is the key for a healthy life)

  3. How to reduce stress? (Stress can cause many health issues)

  4. How to learn Yoga and Meditation?

  5. How to build good relationship? (Relationship issues can be difficult)

  6. How to be a good parent? (You want a good child, so become a good parent)

  7. How to treat a disease? (If you have a disease, you want to know the best way to deal with it)

  8. How to plan for education? (You only get a good job with a good education)

  9. How to plan for career? (You only get a good salary with a good career)

  10. How to do your personal financial planning? (Everybody should learn this skill to achieve financial independence)

  11. How to make investments? (You can only become financially independent with good investments)

  12. How to learn any subjects for lifelong learning?

  13. How to decorate, organize and clean your home? (All people need to know about these skills, because home is the most important place for our life)

  14. How to fix home related issue? (To pay somebody, or fix by yourself?)

  15. How to travel around the world? (You only need the best travel destinations and travel plans)

  16. What E-games or board games to play for fun? (You only need to play the best games)

  17. What music and movies to enjoy for fun? (You only need to enjoy the best music and movies)

  18. What are some new fun activities that you have never heard of? (Everyone wants to learn new things and have lots of fun)

Here we use a tree structure to present our solutions because it's well organized and very easy to find your most concerning issues in life.

For example, for the health section, if you are not familiar with the basic concepts about health, you can just open and read our "How to understand a healthy life?" section. But if you just want to know how to reduce stress and keep good mental health, you can open the "How to have a good mental health?" section, and read the articles that can answer your questions and solve your issues.

For the wealth section, if you are a student, your question could be how to find the best education and study resources, you can open our "How to have a good education?" section, and find the answers for your concerns. If you only need to know how to make a personal financial planning, you can just open and read our "How to have a good personal financial planning?" section, so that you can know all the details about financial planning.

For the wisdom section, if you are interested in learning a subject, such as photography, you can open our "How to learn in lifelong learning?" section and find the best way to learn that subject. If you only concern about how to purchase or decorate your home, you can open "How to have a good home?" section to find the best solutions.

For the fun section, we list all the fun activity categories, so that you can easily locate your most interested topics. If you want to know what is fun and why you can feel fun, you may open and read "How to understand a happy life?" section.

Our "Tree of Life" will keep evolving and expanding. New and better solutions will replace the old solutions, so that our solutions are always the best solutions. New questions and issues can be submitted by members and added to the tree, so that our solutions will always answer all your questions and can solve all your issues in life.

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