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Health Implications of a Sedentary Lifestyle

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), sedentary lifestyle increases the causes of mortality. With the prevalence of 54% among the younger respondents, 61.9% among the older respondents.

It is associated with very little or no physical activity i.e activities that keeps the body stationary: like prolong sitting either at work, in the home, cars, jobsites, school or prolong lying.

The human body is designed for motion and any activity that diminishes the body from movement or muscular activities is deleterious to the body.

How does a sedentary lifestyle affect health?

Sedentary behaviour has a variety of effects on the body, and so when you have an inactive lifestyle:

It reduces the rate of metabolism, because sedentary behaviour reduces lipoprotein lipase activity, that is: the enzymes responsible for the breakdown of fat and sugar when in motion. Hence the production of the enzyme is reduced when the muscles become inactive.

Poor blood circulation: sedentary lifestyle causes impairment in the flow of blood around the body. And decreases cardiac output.

When the body is inactive, it causes the muscles to lose strength and endurance because they are not in use.

When physically active, the body expends energy, hence burning calories. Consequently when the body is inactive, few calories are burned.

Health Implications of sedentary lifestyle

So many health conditions are caused by sedentary behaviour:

● Hypertension;

● Obesity;

● High cholesterol;

● Type 2 Diabetes;

● Stroke;

● Metabolic Syndrome;

● Cardiovascular diseases;

● Depression and Anxiety.

Solutions to sedentary lifestyle

A more active lifestyle reduces the chance of chronic health conditions, improves mental health and enhances overall healthy living. By

● Use of standing desk at work place;

● Standing up to stretch at interval in between work hours;

● Taking a walk during short break;

● Decide to take a walk for a short distance instead of driving;

● Exercise for at least 30 minutes daily;

● Set time limit on sedentary behaviour;

● Workout at home;

● Get involve in random playing;

● Choose stairs over elevators;

● Walk around when on phone, And

● Jogging.

Written by: Atede Priscilla

Check ChatGPT's answer for more information.

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