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Clean Plates brand review (Canada GTA)

Clean Plates is a high quality healthy meal delivery service in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada. They deliver freshly prepared, never frozen, ready-to-eat meals to homes across the GTA. And they only use the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients that help support local farmers and suppliers.

They are a passionate team of chefs, dieticians, and nutritionists who are focused on delivering meals that taste as good as they are good for you.

Clean Plates was created for everyone—busy families, seniors, young professionals, and college students—who want the convenience and health benefits of healthy, prepared meals coming right to their door.

They have choices for A-La-Carte one-time order and for weekly subscription meal plans. There are 4 types of meals: balanced gourmet, low carb gourmet, FIT, and low carb FIT.

The Balanced Gourmet - are fresh, delicious, diverse and nutritionally complete.

The Low Carb Gourmet is for people who are trying to lose weight or follow a grain-free diet.

If you need help achieving your fitness goals or you just like simple meals with basic seasoning, the FIT plan is for you.

Finally The FIT LOW CARB meals will kick your weight-cutting goals into high gear.

Under your profile, you can setup your meal preferences, such as diet preferences, allergens, or dislikes.

Most of the meals are healthy, and you can check the nutritional macros for confirmation:

Low Sodium: less than 700mg per serving.

Low Sugar: less than 15g per serving.

Low Carb: less than 25g net carbs per serving.

All the meals are come fully-prepared so there is no prep - simply heat and eat.

The ordering process is straight forward and easy, just select your plan and portion size, then select the meals that you like. The meals are ready to go.

Orders placed by 9:00 PM Wednesday will be available for delivery on the upcoming Sunday. Orders placed by 9:00 PM Saturday will be available for delivery on upcoming Wednesday. The delivery fee is determined once a delivery address is entered at checkout.

Generally speaking, all people can try to use Clean Plates' healthy meal delivery services for weight loss and prevention of chronic diseases.

You can get 20% off with code trycleanplates, and can receive $20.00 Clean Plates credit dollars for your first purchase.

Click the button below to order.

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