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An analysis of how to live a better life

Life is a journey, and each individual will have quite different journey.

In order to live a better life, there are some important concepts:

  1. The most important aspects of life include: your health, your wealth/financial, your wisdom/lifelong learning, and your fun/entertainment/happiness. Being equally important, those aspects can also become your purpose of life, and a successful life is to achieve your life purpose.

  2. Time and money are very important resources for your life. Younger people have more options to explore the journey of life, while older people have better ideas of how to make choices. Wealthy people can hire a team to support their health, wealth, wisdom and fun, while regular people need to spend some time to learn the best skills and make wise choices.

  3. If you are a regular person with average income, some savings, average health status and education, we can surely help you to achieve a better life. The more you are above the average, it's easier that you can achieve a healthy, financial worry-free, wise and happy life.

  4. If you are low-income or have no income, our non-profit partners can also help you achieve a better life, but you also need to take more efforts.

Let's just start with regular people at first.

If you are an average person living in the US or Canada, you probably have about $60,000 salary with $45,000 net income.

You have a good pension and a company match.

Either you rent or have a mortgage, your average cost of living will be around $40,000.

Then you have $5,000 for investing in a tax-free investment account each year. Over 30 years, it will become $800,000, and can be withdrawn tax-free.

If you are better than this, congratulations for paving the path to success!

If you are married, you probably can save more for retirement. But if you have 2 children, the annual savings could be the same about $5,000 per year.

In fact, saving $5,000 per year is not a big challenge for most people. If you can't save enough, you may need to find a second job.

With a limited budget, you probably can't order healthy meals everyday. You are more often to use healthy meal recipes to make food by yourself.

Your best option would be to order healthy meals only when you don't have time or become tired to prepare food. If you only need to go to the office 3 times per week, those are the days that you can consider ordering healthy meals from reliable services. In fact, there are not many healthy meal choices in the current market, we have to work hard to find the best options.

Wealthy people can join nutrition programs and can easily live healthier and longer. But regular people can't afford to lose health, and have to pay more attention to keep a good health status.

So you are working fine for your health and your financial independence, you also need to spend time on the other important aspects of life, including lifelong learning and enjoying life.

In fact, there could be many synergies between lifelong learning and fun activities. You can learn a music instrument, learn drawing or dancing, learn photography, or learn some sports, etc. Those can certainly help improve your wisdom and make you more happy.

Next, we can see how we can help people with higher income.

Not to mention the people working for the big tech companies at Silicon Valley. There are many careers can be fit into this category, like working for CPA firms, law firms, investment services, consulting firms, medical doctors, etc.

For those people, financial freedom is not as important, but the health factors could be much more critical. Those jobs are usually with high pressures and limited available time.

If you are in this category, you are more freely ordering healthy meals from reliable services on a regular basis, which can save lots of time and keep you from chronic diseases. You may also need to learn how to manage stress, do Yoga and meditation, and may need more coaching services for better life. You can also spend more money on travelling around the world and enjoying other fun activities.

Then, we would also like to help people with lower or no income.

A better world is made of happy people, whether you are rich or not. We have different ways to help different people.

For people with lower or no income, we can best utilize our non-profit solution partners.

For a healthy life, there are healthier food banks and free medical supports, etc. But doing regular exercises and having a good rest are the responsibilities of each individual.

For a financial worry-free life, there are free or low-cost housing, free transportation, and various income support programs.

For a wise life, there are free education, free lifelong learning. Most important knowledge and information can be acquired by reviewing our website and asking questions in our forums.

For a happy life, there are lots of free fun activities, free fun readings, music and E-games. There are also lots of communities that help to connect people and provide free entertainment services.

Finally, we also need to help people with weakness in any aspects of life.

Prevention is always the best choice for a better life. However, when there are any problems, we would like to help. Otherwise, there will be no better world at all.

When people got chronic diseases like diabetes (about 10% of people in the US or Canada have diabetes);

Or got depression, addiction, or other mental health issues (about 20% of people in the US or Canada have mental health issues);

Or have relationship issues (less than 50% of marriages in the US or Canada are healthy and happy);

Or have financial difficulties (40% of people in Canada worry about money, and 40% of US households have faced serious financial problems);

Or do not feel happy (Only 20% of people in the US and Canada feel very happy);

There should be enough supports to help them overcome those difficult times. We will connect people with the best quality information, knowledge, products and services that can truly help them enjoy a better life.

It's well said that "prevention is always the best choice for a better life". When there are any small issues, you are welcome to ask questions and get necessary helps from our research team and solution partners.

When things are complicated, we can also connect you with the best experts to solve those problems in life.

Blue Eden Project, achieve a better life and build a better world!

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