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Wanted Problems


The person, who can solve wanted problems, will get 100 Contribution Points.

In order to encourage members to submit articles, we are now presenting a bonus reward. Whenever a member gets additional 100 Contribution Points, we can award additional 100 USD. You can send an email to us requesting for the money deposited to your Paypal account.

Health Section Wanted Problems (Best Solutions - Health Forum) (All solved)

Chronic diseases represent the greatest disease burden and leading cause of death, and can cause lots of troubles to both families and society. In addition, the treatment could be very expensive. Our current wanted problems in the health section will focus on the best solutions for the following chronic diseases:

  1. Heart disease (solved)

  2. Stroke (solved)

  3. Cancer (each type of cancer can be submitted separately) (solved)

  4. Asthma (solved)

  5. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) (solved)

  6. Diabetes (solved)

  7. Arthritis (solved)

  8. Alzheimer disease or other forms of dementia (each type of dementia can be submitted separately) (solved)

  9. Depression (solved)

  10. Obesity (solved)

Wealth Section Wanted Problems (Best Solutions - Wealth Forum) (All solved)

Investment portfolio is very important for retirement. Retired people need safe investments that generate higher returns than inflation rate. Our current wanted problems in the wealth section will focus on how to help retired people to make investment portfolio. (solved)

Wisdom Section Wanted Problems (Best Solutions - Wisdom Forum) (All solved)

Home is very important for people, and is the foundation of people's life. Our wanted problems in the wisdom section will focus on how to make a clean, comfy, and better home.


  1. Home design and decoration: the best solutions for different people according to different size and function of the rooms. The solutions should be economically viable but very attractive to people. (solved)

  2. Storage items: the best solutions to systematically storage items in life. The solutions should be able to make the rooms clutter-free, but make it very easy to locate personal items, such as clothing, books, stationery, tools, etc. (solved)

Fun Section Wanted Problems (Best Solutions - Fun Forum) (All solved)

People have limited time and money to travel around the world. Our wanted problems in the fun section will focus on providing the best travel plans for the top cities of the world. All the landmarks should be included, and it shouldn't take too long to visit all the places in the travel plans. And the plans should be economically viable.


  1. London, England (solved)

  2. Paris, France (solved)

  3. New York City, USA (solved)

  4. Moscow, Russia(solved)

  5. Dubai, United Arab Emirates(solved)

  6. Tokyo, Japan (solved)

  7. Singapore (solved)

  8. Barcelona, Spain (solved)

  9. Rome, Italy (solved)

  10. Doha, Qatar(solved)

  11. Amsterdam, Netherlands (solved)

  12. Toronto, Canada (solved)

  13. Sydney, Australia (solved)

  14. Berlin, Germany (solved)

  15. Istanbul, Turkey (solved)

  16. Vienna, Austria (solved)

  17. Beijing, China (solved)

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