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What the knowledge should I know and apply to real life?

Hand washing

There are some knowledge very beneficial for your daily life:

. Math, accounting and finance: You need to know how to accumulate wealth, and those are basic skills.

. Arts: It’s your common sense and make lots of fun for you, which includes drawing, music, dance, and literature, etc.

. Pop science: It’s also your common sense and make you wise, which includes universe, earth, animals, human body, evolution, ecology, etc.

. Computer: Computer is a must in this information society, and probably all people should learn some programming as well for the future society.

. Philosophy, history and psychology: There are very useful knowledge in those areas for maintaining good health, building wealth, and improving wisdom. Philosophy is the foundation of all subjects, and is a good guide for you to understand the world. History also includes almost everything in history, such as the history of science and society development. History may help you to predict what future looks like. Psychology is about our mind, thinking, and behaviour. Psychology helps you understand yourself and other people, and helps to maintain good mental health. Successful traders are also experienced in understanding people’s mind and make good profits on other people’s weakness.

. How-to-do in life: This will include everything you need to do in your life, such as household chores, home decoration and staging, making friends, parenting, fixing things, making small tools, etc. There are always fast and easy way to do those things, which will be the best solutions and make your life easier and better.

Check ChatGPT's answer for more information.

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