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What’s the easy way to keep healthy?

Young woman works from home

Consistently doing the following will keep you healthy:

1.Choose the best healthy recipes each day;

2.Drink 2 liters of water each day;

3.Choose the best exercise plan, and have regular exercise each week;

4.Have about 9 hours of sleep each day;

5.Rest often and limit screen time within 2 hours each day;

6.Have good interests and hobbies, have fun activities with other people, and learn new things;

7.Have a good hygiene routine, such as wash hands, brush teeth, and wash body, etc.

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1 Comment

Fatemeh Shakhsian
Fatemeh Shakhsian
Aug 21, 2022

And one other easy way to keep healthy is to be awake at sunrise and be exposed to the dawn light.

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