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ModifyHealth brand review (US)

ModifyHealth is one of the highly rated healthy meal delivery services. There is a Clinical Advisory Board, which includes leading experts from academic medical centers and private practice in the fields of gastroenterology and nutritional services.

Millions of people struggle with chronic diseases such as IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome), IBD (Inflammatory bowel disease), Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD/NASH). ModifyHealth can provide home-delivered nutritionally tailored meals and dietitian coaching and support, which is also helpful to best prevent chronic diseases.

There are only 2 meal plans: Mediterranean Program and LOW-FODMAP Program. Both are gluten-free and low-sodium, and you have the freedom to exclude the foods that you can't eat.

Mediterranean style is the most healthy diet recommended by health professionals. It is well nutrition balanced and also tasting good. It is considered the best choice to prevent most common chronic diseases, such as Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease, etc.

Low-FODMAP diet is a restricted diet with a purpose to eliminate all foods that could cause digestive and IBS symptom. If you have any digestive issues or Gastrointestinal Disorders, you may try Low-FODMAP diet for a period of time. Then, you can add back those excluded foods one by one, so that you can find the sources of your issues. You can book a 15 minutes dietary consultation with ModifyHealth for free.

All recipes for ModifyHealth are designed by health professionals, and you can pick any of the recipes that you like.

All the meals are come fully-prepared so there is no prep - simply heat and eat.

The ordering process is straight forward and easy, just choose one of the two plans, exclude the foods you don't eat, and then select the meals that you like. The meals are ready to go.

Meals are scheduled to arrive on Fridays via major carriers such as UPS or FedEx, and there is no shipping fee.

Each meal comes with directions for microwaves as well as conventional ovens or stove tops.

Generally speaking, all people can try to use ModifyHealth's healthy meal delivery services even if you have underlying health conditions. It is very good to help you prevent most common chronic diseases and enjoy a healthy and happy life.

You can save 20% on your first order with code "BLUEEDEN", just click the button below to order.

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