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How to best use money to improve life quality?

Life is not easy and money is needed everywhere.

Most people only have limited money. Where should people best use the money to achieve a better and higher quality of life?

Life has many aspects, and the primary areas include health, wealth, wisdom and fun.

For a healthy life, you don't really need to spend a lot of money. Healthy eating and exercising are easier than you can imagine. Where you spend the most money is in the following areas:

  1. Medical expenses and dental expenses when there are health issues.

  2. Going out for fast food and eating not so healthy food at restaurants.

  3. Not so healthy snacks and desserts.

  4. Cigarettes, alcohols, drugs, etc.

  5. Unnecessary club and subscription fees.

For health section, our Blue Eden Project will provide the best healthy recipes that are delicious, easy, fast and inexpensive. We also provide the best exercise plans that are easy to execute and probably do not cost any money. We also have the most practical Yoga and meditation recommendations which are important skills for maintaining a good health.

For a financial worry-free life, you don't really need to spend a lot of money as well. Real estate investing is not for everybody because there is a high threshold for capital. For stock investment, most people don't have time to do the research and trading, and most traders lose money. Forget about all the hypes with high return software and subscriptions. There are no holy grails for stock investment, and this is a very competitive field. The only sure win is a long-term investment in an index ETF portfolio. With consistent income generated by jobs, it is not difficult to accumulate a 7 figure investment portfolio over 30 plus years, and you don't need to spend a lot of time. When any market crashes more than 50%, this is when you can investment more money. But that can be a rare event.

For wealth section, our Blue Eden Project will provide the best recommendations for a good career, financial planning, investment and retirement planning. Education is probably more related to finding a job and generating income, while lifelong learning should be more related to personal development and interests.

For a wise life, you should really need to spend some money. Learn some arts and music which can become a life enjoyment. Sports do cost money as well, but it's really healthy and fun. You can also take some courses that you are really interested in, or that can improve your life quality significantly.

For wisdom section, our Blue Eden Project will provide the best information and knowledge to learn any subjects, and also the best way to maintain a good home, and solve your daily life issues (how-to-do in life). However, for some subjects, you still need to take courses. For example, you can't learn how to play the violin by reading a guide, you have to find the best tutor.

For a happy life, you should really need to spend some money as well. People can't only work all day long without having any fun, what's the purpose of life? That's to enjoy life and have fun. There are lots of fun that are totally for free, such as free E-games, music, arts, public parks, etc. However, travelling around the world, which is with the most fun, is not free. You also can't watch trendy and best movies for free.

For fun section, our Blue Eden Project will provide the best information and knowledge to help you best utilize your money to enjoy more fun. We only provide the best travel plans for the best places in the world. Best E-games list and board games list will also be provided, so that people can spend limited money to enjoy more fun. We also provide the best movies list and the links to the best music.

So, where you should not spend money?

  1. Luxury house and cars. Many lottery winners got bankrupt for maintaining those luxuries.

  2. Speculations, gambling and fraud investment schemes. That could really cost you a lot of money.

  3. Cigarettes, alcohols, drugs, etc.

In summary, all people should use money wisely, and spend more money on improving wisdom and having lots of fun.

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