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Games, music and movie genres for fun

Primarily there are 9 types of E-games. There are also many sub-categories. But we would like to make it as simple as possible. Any E-games that take shorter time (best within 30 min) to play and without too much efforts required should be good fun games.

  1. Action Games: the player is in control of and at the center of the action. Sub-categories include "Platformer" (Super Mario Bros.), "Shooter", "Fighting", "Survival" (Fortnite), etc.

  2. Adventure Games: players usually interact with their environment and other characters to solve puzzles with clues to progress the story or gameplay.

  3. Action-Adventure Games: in addition to action part, there is also adventure part (long quests or obstacles that must be conquered using a tool or item collected).

  4. Role-Playing Games (RPGs): gamers are often given choices in this genre that influence the final outcome of the game, which means many RPGs have alternate endings. Sub-categories include "Action RPG" (Diablo), "MMORPG" (World of Warcraft), "Tactical RPG" (Final Fantasy), etc.

  5. Simulation Games: they're all designed to emulate real or fictional reality, to simulate a real situation or event.

  6. Strategy Games: require players to use carefully developed strategy and tactics to overcome challenges. More recently, these type of games have moved from turn-based systems to real-time gameplay. Sub-categories include "Real-time strategy (RTS)" (The Age of Empires), "Tower defense" (Plants vs Zombies), etc.

  7. Sports Games: simulate sports like golf, football, basketball, baseball, and soccer. They can also include Olympic sports like skiing, and even pub sports like darts and pool. Racing is also a popular sub-category.

  8. Puzzle Games: puzzle or logic games usually take place on a single screen or playfield and require the player to solve a problem to advance the action.

  9. Idle Games: usually small games and do not take long time to play. Sub-categories include: "Party game" (Mario Party), "Board game" (Chess), "Card game" (Pokemon card game), "Educational game", "Exergame" (exercise game).

Board gaming, as one of humanity’s oldest hobbies, can be one of the most welcoming activities around. Here is a list of board game types. Any board games that take shorter time (best within 30 min) to play and without too much efforts required should be good fun games.

  1. Abstract: board games with no theme at all, such as "Chess" and "Go".

  2. Area control: board games with some form of map or board defining a space that players compete to dominate, usually through adding their own pieces to regions or areas or removing opponents’ pieces, such as "Small World" and "Risk".

  3. Campaign/legacy: individual plays following a series of connected scenarios, where the actions and outcome of one scenario will usually affect the next, such as "Gloomhaven".

  4. Deckbuilder: each player starts with their own identical deck of cards, but alters it during play, with more powerful cards being added to the deck and less powerful ones removed, such as "Dominion" and "Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle".

  5. Deck construction: a type of board game where the players use different decks of cards to play, constructed prior to the game from a large pool of options, according to specific rules, such as "Magic the Gathering" and "Pokemon Card Game".

  6. Dexterity: board games involving physical skill, whether using the whole body as in "Twister" or just the fingers for moving things about, as with removing blocks in "Jenga".

  7. Drafting: drafting is a mechanic where players are presented with a set of options (usually cards, though sometimes dice) from which they must pick one, leaving the remainder for the next player to choose from, such as "7 Wonders" and "Sushi Go".

  8. Dungeon-crawler: players take the roles of characters making their way through a location, often depicted by a map with a square grid or a page in a book, defeating enemies controlled by another player, a companion app or the game system itself, such as "Star Wars: Imperial Assault".

  9. Engine-builder: over the course of an engine-building board game, you’ll build an “engine”: something that takes your starting resources and/or actions and turns them into more resources, which will usually turn into a form of victory points, such as "Race for the Galaxy".

  10. Roll-and-move: board games where you roll one or more dice and move that many spaces - commonly on a looping track of spaces, or a path with a start and finish, such as "Monopoly".

  11. Roll-and-write: roll some dice and decide how to use the outcome, writing it into a personal scoring sheet, such as "Yahtzee".

According to Wikipedia, "Music can be described in terms of many genres and styles. Classifications are often arbitrary, and may be disputed and closely related forms often overlap. Larger genres and styles comprise more specific sub-categories." All music that can make people feel enjoyment and happy should be good fun music.

There are 4 primary music genres:

  1. Art music (classical music): primarily includes classical traditions, including both contemporary and historical classical music forms.

  2. Popular music: any musical style accessible to the general public and disseminated by the mass media. Sub- categories include "Country", "Blues", "Hip Hop", "Jazz", "Rock", etc.

  3. Religious music: performed or composed for religious use or through religious influence. "Gospel", "spiritual", and "Christian music" are examples of religious music.

  4. Traditional and folk music: traditional music are songs and tunes that have been performed over a long period of time (usually several generations); folk music is orally passed from one generation to another.

There a quite some movie genres and sub-genres. We would like to make it as simple as possible. All movies that can make people feel enjoyment and happy should be good fun movies.

  1. Action movie: bulk of the content must be action-oriented, including fight scenes, stunts, car chases, and general danger. Sub-categories include "Military", "Espionage" (James Bond), "Wuxia" (Hero), "Adventure", "Superhero" (Avengers), etc.

  2. Animation movie: inanimate objects being manipulated to appear as though they are living.

  3. Comedy movie: defined by intended to make someone laugh. A sitcom (situational comedy) is defined by a set group of people who must navigate through humorous situations and misunderstandings.

  4. Crime movie: deals with both sides of the criminal justice system but does not focus on legislative matters or civil suits and legal actions.

  5. Drama movie: defined by conflict and often looks to reality rather than sensationalism. Emotions and intense situations are the focus.

  6. Fantasy movie: defined by both circumstance and setting inside a fictional universe with an unrealistic set of natural laws, such as "Harry Potter" and "The Lord of the Rings".

  7. Historical movie: can be split into two sections. One deals with accurate representations of historical accounts; the other section is made up of fictional movies that are placed inside an accurate depiction of a historical setting.

  8. Horror movie: centered upon depicting terrifying or macabre events for the sake of entertainment, such as movies related to ghost, monster, vampire, zombie, etc.

  9. Romance movie: defined by intimate relationships.

  10. Science Fiction movie (Sci-Fi): defined by a mixture of speculation and science. While fantasy will explain through or make use of magic and mysticism, science fiction will use the changes and trajectory of technology and science.

  11. Thriller movie: mostly about the emotional purpose, which is to elicit strong emotions, mostly dealing with generating suspense and anxiety, including Psychological and Mystery movies.

  12. Western movie: defined by their setting and time period. The story needs to take place in the American West, which begins as far east as Missouri and extends to the Pacific ocean. They’re set during the 19th century, and will often feature horse riding, military expansion, etc.

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