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About our methodology for disease solutions

Firstly and most importantly, prevention is always the best way to deal with diseases. When you got ill, even with the best medication, it still leads to damages to your health, and it still needs to take some time to recover.

For disease solutions, because they are so important, we need the best sources of information. We have connected with the reputable organizations to obtain those solutions.

For heart diseases, we use the solutions from The Heart and Stroke Foundation.

For cancers, we use the solutions from Canadian Cancer Society.

For other diseases, we use the solutions from Cleveland Clinic.

Those are the best solutions that we could find and obtain proper authorization. However, those solutions could still be too general. But at least, you can have some important understanding about those diseases.

There could be some much better but untraditional ways to deal with diseases, and our project will try to find those special solutions, so that more people can benefit from better treatments.

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